Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home .....

....for a few days.

We had a fabulous trip. There were several rocky times, quite a few things didn't go exactly right, but we were in Disney World and that made all the difference.

More details coming, including pictures, but for right now I have to get some sleep! In the next 5 days I need to take Mom to the retinal specialist, get to the dentist, go to a baby shower, go with DH to pick up a new (to him) car, do some cleaning up around here, get caught up on mail and bills, and PACK.

Yes, that gorgeous picture above is where we'll be heading on Sunday for four wonderful weeks. I am still on a Disney high, to be followed almost immediately by a "I'm at the shore" high. Life is complicated, but life is good!


Etha said...

ohhhh what a beatuful picture! she's going to the shore again :) hope you are taking some stampin stuff, hehe.

Shirley said...

Now I know where you've been. Having a good time!!! Good for you! You look wonderful too!