Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've got the Tatting bug again

Many years ago- I don't remember the exact year but it *was* in the previous century, lol- I spent a marvelous week with Etha on Cape Cod. We mostly yakked, but there was also lots of needlework, a trip to Martha's Vineyard (the highlight of which was meeting the incredible Patricia Neal on the ferry!!), and there was my introduction to tatting.

Etha taught me the basics- which is the double stitch and most important, how to "flip" it- but she didn't have a spare shuttle. After my week with her I was heading to Long Island for a weekend visit with my brother. I got off I-95 at Mystic Seaport as I was sure such a then-trendy place (is it still??) would have a needlework shop, and it did! Purchased a shuttle and some thread and headed for the Bridgeport- Port Jefferson ferry. (When given the option of driving or taking a ferry, I always opt for the ferry; much more fun and relaxing.) Totally unfazed by the looks I got (what the HECK is she doing?) I proceeded to successfully complete my first tatted butterfly while crossing the Sound. Yes, one butterfly, it really took me that long!

Since then I have played with tatting off and on. I've made some things that turned out well. I have a LOT of tatting books- I always tend to go overboard on collecting books about favorite activities- meaning I have more patterns than I could tat in two lifetimes. (I also have more stamps, more needlework charts, more quilting get the idea!)

Yesterday I did some schoolwork when I got home and really felt exhausted. So, I decided to take a "little" nap about 4:30. DH tried to get me up for dinner to no avail. I finally woke up at midnight, strolled the Internet until 1:30 AM, read a book until 5AM (The Mad Miss Mathley, highly recommend for Regency fans- very funny!), then slept until 10AM today. My sleep cycle will be out of whack for days!

Back to the point! While wandering the Internet last night, I somehow stumbled onto a tatting site and that led me to other tatting sites and that led me to the shelf in the disastrous craft room that had shuttles and some threads. So here I was in the middle of the night, confirming that I still remembered how to make rings and chains.

So, above is a picture of what I started in the middle of the night. It will NOT replace my stitching on my three SALs as an activity, but I think I am going to begin again carrying my shuttle, thread and a small printed copy of the pattern in my handbag- yes, all you need to tat fits in a sandwich size baggie!- and pull it out when I need to wait. I also envision maybe getting in a few inches at the end of the year meetings that crowd the last few school days.

I'll be back later with a post of links for tatting information for anyone who is interested. Right now I have to get moving on some FLYing activities- this weekend is about getting some cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing done.


***Jon**** said...

Welcome back to tatting! I found out from personal experience that once you know how to tat, you'll never forget it. It is just a matter of whether you want to do it and when. There are so many information about tatting that can be gathered from the internet that can inspire you to continue tatting.

TattingChic said...

Good for you for picking up the shuttle again! Have fun tatting! I look forward to seeing what you complete. :)

Gina said...

Ah, Etha (Maus) with her round robins was a great inspiration and motivator for so many of us in learning and improving our tatting. Lucky you to actually spend time with her!

Shirley said...

What a really pretty start. I can't wait to see the finished project.

Etha said...

ohhh tatting again :) how neat!!