Saturday, April 18, 2009

Online Needlework Show

Click on the picture to see what I found this afternoon after reading about it on the Salty Yarns blog.

You can see the latest needlework charts and supplies from an immense number of companies, all on one site. It was TOO much fun to go through all the links- and a bunch of the vendors are offering Door Prizes for visiting their sites!

I wanted to post last night but our Internet was down. Then our phone went out. Customer service was able to get the Internet back, and get one phone working, but now I have to have a service tech in tomorrow- which means the waiting for him/her to show up. NO fun!

I have made a little progress so far this month on my Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler whi
ch I'm doing as part of a Stitch-a-long HERE. I'll be posting a picture at the end of the month and hope I can get more done by then. I have almost finished the center motif- which is nowhere near what most of the others have done, but progress for me- I find it really hard to stitch at night because I am so tired. Old eyes and arthritic fingers definitely make for a slower stitcher than I used to be.

Being a typical stitcher/crafter/crazy person who always takes on too much, I have also signed up for a Stitch-a-long for the piece shown here.

It was designed by Aury, whose blog, Acerca del Bordado is on my sidebar. Aury has been offering a series of Quaker style motifs there for a while, which is how I stumbled onto her blog, but there is a lot more going on there as well, including a forum. This piece really called to me for reasons I cannot explain. When I finish it- which could be forever, lol!- it will be a gift for my SIL who is from Central America and therefore a native Spanish speaker.

I do know that one of the appeals of participating in this SAL is that the forum is in Spanish. I have tried, intermittently for several years, to learn enough Spanish to maintain a basic conversation. Maybe I'm a cock-eyed optimist, but I am findng that when I can get some of the words, and a little context, then I feel pretty good about it. I definitely need to use google or babel fish to actually read the posts thoroughly, but it is a thrill just to get a sense of a post. I'm hoping- why not ask for the moon?- that participating in this SAL will have the added benefit of improving my Spanish reading and writing and increase my vocabulary some.

I've also been having some fun finding stamps I like on ebay. I've gotten a couple of really nice scenery style stamps this week- so they are going into my pile of stamps for coloring fun.

It's getting about time for me to get back to bed. The heat was turned off at school before Easter, so I just spent a week in a classroom that never got to 60° at any time. (Started off the week at 42°!!!) Being that cold- yes, I tried layers, on Friday I wore a turtleneck topped by a heavy shirt topped by a sweater and was STILL cold!- has left me in a major Fibro-flare, so I am spending the weekend either in bed or sitting here with my legs propped up and typing being my most strenuous activity. Hopefully the beautiful weather here today- 75°!- will warm up the building enough to be comfortable next week.

Maybe after another nap (my third today) I will be able to do more work on Beatrix!

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Shirley said...

You are such an enabler, I am not going near that site! Ha! I just bought a bunch of buttons yesterday. LOLOL