Saturday, April 11, 2009

He's almost home!

As I type this, the sun is rising on my DH's last day in Paris. I am sorry that he is leaving the City of Lights but I am SOOOO glad that he will soon be home. I must admit I have really missed him- more than I thought after last year's much longer jaunt.

The closest I will get to Paris anytime soon will be visiting the France pavilion at Disney World in June-and you can be SURE that he will be taking me to dinner at the Bistro de Paris- my favorite WDW restaurant.

He is getting home just in time to celebrate Easter- which this year will be a little different from normal.

My family has always been interested in athletics- both as participants and spectators. My father was a high school athlete, as were all my brothers. DH played high school and college football and DS rowed. We all love golf- both DH and I coached for many years. And therein lies the Easter quandry- this year Easter Sunday is also Masters Sunday!

It all really goes back to 1986- the incredible play of Jack Nicklaus to win the Masters at age 46. We always watched the Masters at our house but that year we were GLUED to the TV, screaming and yelling and cheering. DH and I had actually met Nicklaus a few years earlier- but that is a whole 'nother story for another time. Suffice to say we were ecstatic in 1986.

Since then our devotion to the Masters borders almost on obsession. We make NO plans for Masters weekend, we don't even answer the phone during the tournament, and we ALWAYS eat the same thing we ate that momentous Sunday. Which is nachos!

I had the ground meat in the fridge and the side fixings in the cabinet, and it was easy to cook during commercials and eat in front of the TV. Everybody ran for the kitchen on commercial breaks and filled a plate with meat and sauce, added their favorite accessories from the cheese, onions, salsa, etc and then ran back to the living room. And, everyone has done the same thing now every year since.

So, instead of baked ham and pineapple casserole, it'll be nachos for Easter dinner at our house, with the competition of the tournament and the magnificent beauty of Augusta to entertain us. I hope you have a happy and blessed Easter.

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Shirley said...

Speaking of Paris, Teresa, what did he bring home with him for you?