Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Only Tuesday

My wonderful friend Marianne sent me this for my birthday. She noted inside that it made her think of the jaunts DH and I take a couple times a year to Florida.

Please be clear- DH and I do NOT look like this- at least not yet, lol. But he does spend time with the newspaper, I spend time keeping my feet up and daydreaming, and I do like wearing purple. So, maybe it's not so far off.

I'm beyond exhausted. Had a bad day at work (my fault) and feeling pretty down about it. I think I'm going to cocoon for a few days- do what I have to do but try to stay by myself as much as possible and not talk much to anyone. I think I need the quiet time.

If I get a little energy I might even put a few more stitches into Beatrix Potter- yes I did get a little work done on that a few nights ago.

Sorry to be a downer- maybe I just need some extra sleep. Back soon.


Suzanne said...

Please do take care of yourself.

Cathrine said...

I'm sorry you're having a bad time of it. Hopefully we'll get some nice sprig weather. That always picks me up.

Christi said...

I am so sorry that you had a bad day. :( This card is hilarious!!

Klick36 said...

Happy Birthday, whenever it is!
Feel better soon. I have days where I don't want to be around others...hard to do with two teens and husband;) BUT I do know that sometimes a little quiet times helps out. Take good care!
Dancingly, Denise
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Bridgett said...

Happy Birthday, friend!!! I love the card...so funny! I am sorry you had a bad day and I hope that you will wake up refreshed and enjoy the rest of your weekend!! Big hugs!!!

Shirley said...

What a hoot you are Teresa! I think it is funny and priceless too!

Allison said...

Hope your day is bright today. This image is hilarious! And you have some great RAKs posted lately...lots of eye candy! Cheers to you!