Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday night- but not the usual

I had a really good time yesterday at my CTMH rep's Open House. There were only 4 of us there, but we got some work done, did lots of chatting, practiced some new techniques and just relaxed- something I was badly in need of.

This card was the class project part of the day.

Snow is apparently on the way, with a vengeance. My DH teaches at a boarding school, so he already knows he is off tomorrow- they didn't want to have all the kids come back tonight from the weekend and then not have any teachers- the dorm staff would have been horribly overworked. I will have to wait to check around 5:30 AM tomorrow to be sure but if this storm is even half what they are predicting, school will be closed.

I have already started in "comfort food" mode- rice pudding, using my grandmother's recipe from about (literally) 100 years ago, is in the oven. When DH was going to the store this afternoon and I asked what he and DS would want for dinner tomorrow, DS promptly announced "beef stew". Funny how even our stomachs react to snow!

I got this wonderful blog award from my TAC Angel several weeks ago but just didn't get it posted until now. THANKS, Bridgett!!!

The bloggers I choose to receive this from me are:

A Day in My Life I don't even remember how I found this blog but I really enjoy reading it- I feel like I'm listening to a friend on the phone.

In the Cottage Studio This is the blog for Clear Artistic Stamps by Belinda Landtroop. The blog, like Belinda's art work, is soft and sweet and delicate looking- truly "lovely".

Joan's Gardens Joan Fricker's blog is part personal, part crafty and part business- and it is all good. It has a visual quality that is so pretty- I love to go there and read and shop, but while there I find her blog design so nice.

Artistic License Teresa Wentzler's blog looks exactly how you would expect it to look. She is one of my favorite needlework designers. I've met her several times over the years and she is as beautiful and elegant as her designs. The only problem is that she doesn't post nearly as often as her fans would wish.

I've been trying to check in on all the blogs on my sidebar this weekend, but so far I've still got many to go- the snow will make for a nice day for doing that tomorrow. If I've been ignoring your blog, you can be sure I'll get there soon.

Finally, here's another birthday card picture. This one came from Cindy (my friend and CTMH rep), so it is all CTMH papers and such with lots of nestabilities use as well. SO pretty- thanks, Cindy!

Well, I started recently cataloging all our books- or rather, putting those I intend to keep permanently in the database- and making a dent in sorting them back into some kind of order. Time to get through another shelf before I settle in with rice pudding and some TV. For everyone along the I-95 corridor, stay warm and stay safe!


Anonymous said...

HI Lady Doc.....I am Denise's mom and been wondering where you were from....and decided to see if I could check you out.....Denise is like that she writes just about how she would talk to you on the phone.....she is my baby.....had to say that. Like your anything to so with cards, scrapbooking and another other crafts......keep the snow down there will you please? Fran

Joan Fricker said...

Thank you! I truly appreciate your nice comments about my blog!
I always enjoy you stopping by and reading the messages you leave me.
They bring me such joy!


Etha said...

So how's the snow so far?? Hope to see you online later :)
Thanks for giving this beautiful award to the Cottage Studio!
Oh I didn't know TW has a blog, must go check that out!!

Suzanne said...

I hope your snow was pretty but not debilitating. We got about 6 inches which resulted in a nice snow day here in MD.

Teresa said...

Hi there!

Thanks so much for the award; I'm very honored! Thanks for commenting, and for being such a dedicated stitcher for so long: You're an inspiration, LadyDoc! :)

Shirley said...

Teresa, these cards are absolutley beautiful. The first one is so cheerful and warm too. The second is just plain wonderful! Congrats on your award. You are so deserving.