Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a week!

It's been a whole week since I posted and the week has flown by. Since the last post I had some regular school days, I did my progress reports for school, finished the preparation for the retreat, actually went on the retreat for 4 days, had my birthday, did the validations for my grades, had the stomach flu, and lived through a 2 day migraine.

The retreat was wonderful. The director was terrific, the kids were amazing and the whole experience, once we got there (we won't talk about the prep which was hectic, stressful and full of drama), was inspiring and renewing. I not only got some good spiritual time for myself, but the time I spent with the kids again reminded me of how incredible our students are.

DH spent my birthday weekend at spring training in Florida (his Christmas present from me) and brought me back PHILLIES EARRINGS for my present! They are SOOO cute!

I got some FABULOUS birthday cards which I will share over the next several posts. Here's one from Shirley:

I wish you could see how GORGEOUS this card is IRL. It is done with several layers of super-shiny paper and cardstock, the flourish in the upper corner is gold embossed, there is sparkle and glitter all over the place, the vase is finished with diamond glaze- just INCREDIBLE!!!!

Thank you SOOO much Shirley for the amazing card and the really great message inside- it made me so happy when I read it.

Shirley's blog is Card Art, Etc and is one of my favorite blogs- you have to check it out and see a real card artist at work.

I also got a papercrafted gift from Etha which I will show you once I can get a good picture of it- scanning just didn't work. It is truly amazing- I was stunned by the beauty and complexity of it. Etha is SOOOO talented- if I didn't love her I would totally hate her, lol!

I haven't had time for more than a week to check out all my favorite blogs and sites. I hope I can get to some of them tonight and catch up by the weekend. So, if I have been ignoring you, it's not because I wanted to- and I'll be back soon. For now, it's time for more migraine meds and another nap to let them work.


Etha said...

Oh wow I love the card from Shirley, isn't she amazing??
If you feel the need for a picture of the banner, I have it on my blog :) just grab and steal!

Cindy said...

Phillies' earrings! Love it and can't wait to see them!

Shirley said...

I am so glad you liked the card, Teresa. I hope your birthday was wonderful. Your blog is a breath of fresh air and I enjoy all of your posts.