Sunday, February 15, 2009

More bad crafty business news

LuminArte is shutting down business- this is very sad.

Pictured here is a set of Twinkling H2Os- commonly referred to as "twinks" and one of my favorite coloring methods. Twinks are pots of water-color paints that have been infused with sparkle and shine and the effects are gorgeous.

So, if you don't have every twink they make and want them, now is the time to buy. LuminArte will be selling all the twinks, individual pots and kits, at 40% off, so check it out. They also make some other really neat "effects" products so check them out too.

Very busy so this will be short. Mom has had a big set-back so I am spending much more time with her again. I'll be putting some chicken in the crockpot shortly to take dinner over there later. Me being sick this past Thursday means the tests I was supposed to give Friday are now scheduled for tomorrow. I still have the last one of LAST week's tests to finish grading then all of those from tomorrow- and interim grades are due by this Thursday noon. Friday I leave for 4 days on retreat with a group of students and there is a TON of work to still do to be ready- not to mention laundry today so that I can pack and also have clothes for this week AND next week at school since I won't be home over next weekend. I'm doing Mom's laundry now.

I got a GREAT birthday card from my friend in Colorado who came East for the Stitching festival in the fall- with the wonderful news that she is definitely planning to come again this year. I have already marked my calendar.

DH is all excited as his Christmas present approaches- I gave him a trip to the Phillies spring training camp for a few days. (NOT the "dream camp"- that is NOT on a teacher's salary budget, lol!) He is extra excited this year as the Phillies recently signed one of DS's friends- so he will actually, PERSONALLY, know one of the players!

Well, I have about 18 hours of work ahead of me today- and only about 12 hours until a late bedtime, so I'd better get cracking!


Suzanne said...

Sorry about you mom's set back.
Where did you hear about Luminarte? There's nothing on their web site indicating they are shutting down??? I love Twinkling H2O's.

Etha said...

Ohboy just reading about your busy schedule makes me tired!! Yes its sad about the twinks, one would have thought they are such a large company and would have some cushion to work with though harder times, I guess not :( really too bad.
Give mom a hug and she should get better soon!!

Shirley said...

I was heartsick when I got their email and hope the employees are all okay and have jobs lined up. I use Twinks on everything and had to buy 'a little'. Hee hee.

I am so sorry your mom isn't doing well. I think it is wondeful you are there for her. Wellness thoughts her way.

Lucky hubby and you need to be doing some wonderful things too while he is on his little vacation.