Sunday, January 11, 2009

Well, I'm up again- for a little while. Slept away the entire day yesterday. Got up around 8PM to take a shower hoping the steam would clear my head. It was a great idea except that I was so weak I got dizzy and fell.

My wonderful DH decided that since the steam had helped, he would go out on Saturday night and find me a steam humidifier. That worked really well- I slept for almost 12 hours.

The cold is still raging, the sneezing is still frequent but the steam, combined with good old-fashioned Vicks, seems to have worked its magic against the worst of the coughing. Everything hurts, thanks to the fibro-flare.

It is very frustrating to have lost so many days right now. Christmas is still up all over the house; I have tons of school work to do- papers to grade, grades to record, exams to write; Cindy is getting ready to start some stuff with CTMH that I want to be part of; I was determined to put in some time this weekend on Beatrix Potter.

Oh, well. Time for another dose of Nyquil, refill the steamer, and back to bed. I hope I can manage to stay up this afternoon for the big game.



Shirley said...

Thanks for stopping by lady! Gad you have had a go of it! Rest and vitamins are about the only cure for colds. Yuck! Hope yours decides to leave. Hope your husband doesn't get it to give back. It's a blessing you didn't hurt yourself worse when you fell. Take care.

Lisa L. said...

Try not to worry and just focus on yourself! Hope you are feeling better soon. Go Eagles!

Gwen said...

Oh no! I feel your pain!!! I am FINALLY better today! after 2 weeks of that junk!! so I am just trying to get the house back in order myself ;) believe will still be there when you are better! Guess the Eagles will be coming here to Arizona next Sunday...Go Cardinals!!!tee hee hee!!! feel better soon!!!

Cel said...

Oh, Theresa, take care of yourself!!!! So sorry you are feeling so badly :(. You HAVE to rest so you are ok for the 23rd!!!! ;)