Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good day, bad day

On the "bad day" front, the weather is miserable, I am totally overwhelmed with "other" stuff at work, and the combination of the both of these with some strong lingering effects from being so cold for days on end a couple weeks ago have left me with the Fibromyalgia flare really raging. Everything hurts, my brain is operating at 33 in a 78 world (only those of us of a certain age get *this* reference), and I cannot sleep well but am constantly exhausted. Everything is just "too much" and I am rapidly approaching ANYTHING being too much.

So, I am getting nothing done and yet Christmas gets closer and closer.

On the good news front however, I came home to several pieces of happy news. Along about now I am guessing that some of you are asking "why is there an Easter Bunny picture here and when is she going to explain"? Well, Cornish Heritage Farms had a giveaway on their Creative Blog over the weekend and I was a winner! The prizes were to celebrate the release of three new Saturday Evening Post cover artwork stamps. This bunny is one of the new stamps and is my favorite of the three new ones, and I hope the one I won!

I think I posted here before that my Great-uncle worked on the Saturday Evening Post covers for Curtis Publishing for 40 years. One of these days I will have to tell you all my "tragic" SEP covers story. For now just know that the Post covers were always beautiful and I had/have a special affection for them. This new line at CHF is very beautiful and wonderful to play with. So, winning a new one makes me a happier camper.

Item number 2 of my good news is ANOTHER blog contest win. Over at Risky Regencies I won an autographed copy of Deb Marlowe's "An Improper Aristocrat". I love reading Regencies and this is a real treat to get one straight from the author!

As for item number three that was good news today? Well, for anyone who bakes Christmas cookies this is probably heresy, so maybe you should stop reading. For those who are cookie-baking impaired like me, you should not be *too* appalled. My favorite Christmas cookies at our house (NOT including the ones others who bake well are kind enough to give us, of course) are Tastykake Holiday cookies. They are cute little sugar cookies with colored sprinkles- no big deal. But I LOVE them! Actually, I LOVE almost all kinds of Tastykakes!- Krimpets, Juniors, Kandykakes, pies- love them all! But at the holidays, I love Tastykake cookies. They are sold in cute round cardboard boxes, kind of like movie popcorn tubs.

So, why am I happy? My wonderful son had to stop for milk on his way home from work and what else did he bring home? YES!!!!

So, while I still feel terrible, there is at least some happy news to cheer me up a little. Hope everyone else is having a *Good* day!


Etha said...

Sorry you feel out of sorts :( As a biologist of course I must say while your brain tries to tell you that them sugar cookies make you feel better, your fibro will feast on them.....
You know that the FDA would never approve sugar if they would be asked to research that LOL....

Diane said...

Hope you're having a better day today. And what could be better than a son who appears on your doorstep with your favorite delectables?

Thanks for playing along for my blog candy give-away!

Merry Christmas!

Shirley said...
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Shirley said...

Wow, I am anxious to see what you won. I love the bunny too! Also, you are so lucky. I would like to touch you, have the luck cross over a little and I have a prize a little bit bigger in mind. LOLOL I do understand the 33-78 thing! Hope you are getting warmer and have a great weekend too!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Awwww..........I'm so sorry you're having a rough patch!!! But congrats on the fun win!!! And the yummy treats!!! HUGS!!