Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Boring online shopping

So, here's how I spent my evening online- yeah, I needed socks and nylons!

Mind you, I am NOT complaining! When I can bulk order (a dozen pair at a time) such mundane things as socks and nylons, while making sure I am getting a better price than if I trekked around to multiple "real" stores, I am a happy camper. No out-in-the-cold, no driving, no walking around stores or malls or whatever. I just notice that I am getting low on whatever it is, find a good deal online and VOILA! A couple days later, I have new ones.

So I am probably just whining rather than complaining. Realizing that you have runs in almost all your nylons (courtesy of the %$#* leg braces) and that you are suddenly wearing weird holes in the heels of your socks (due to the weird way you are walking, courtesy of the %$#* leg braces) and that you have to shop for new ones at the same time that you have MOUNDS of paper to deal with for work, Christmas is 3 weeks away and you have not started on cards yet, and just generally being behind already, means that having to shop for socks and nylons is not only boring but annoying.

Going to old reliable made the nylons pretty easy. I don't even bother looking anymore- if someone does have my L'eggs cheaper it would take me longer than it is worth to find the site. But, when good old reliable is OUT OF my favorite socks, then I have to shop.

So, my inbox is full of order notices and it is time for LIFE and other than ordering hosiery, nothing much got done tonight. Necessary, but BORING!


Etha said...

"boring" can be quite comforting at times :) love new socks!

Linsey said...

hehe, yeah, thanks for the reminder! I just looked down at my own feet and I do have a small hole in one sock--what a hobo I am, LOL!!! Boring or not, you got what you needed and stocked up, so good for you! Have a great day, Theresa! hugs!

Shirley said...

I hear you! I do One Hanes Place too! I find most of the time it is actually cheaper to shop online.