Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why is November so miserable?

I am feeling weary. Not depressed, just weary. Weary of miserable weather that makes my joints ache and my muscles burn. Weary of miserable people who are petty and vindictive and make everyone around them unhappy. Weary of bad news from so many fronts. Yeah, weary.

Although the looming preparation work is overwhelming, I am trying to look forward to all the good stuff that's coming- Thanksgiving, Christmas, Florida. I am planning on going away overnight with friends next weekend to scrap- THAT will be fun. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner and doing all the baking will be fun. All the fuss of the holidays will be fun. Florida will be WAY fun!

All that stuff is just over the horizon- but first, we have to survive November!

So, let's start a "Good News" chain! I am asking everyone who has "good news" to put it here in a comment and then start a similar thread on their own blog. Let's see if we can find a whole bunch of stuff to be happy about for one another.

Then, maybe, November will be easier to survive!


Suzanne said...

Okay I Will be good new is that I get to spend Thanksgiving with my mother and sister and unbeknown to my mother my daughter (her granddaughter) will be in NC also. Also my good news from last Saturday was I mad $700 at a craft fair so debt can be paid and some money s saved. I might even spend some to help the economy.

Cathrine StClair said...

I'm sorry you are not feeling well. I'm sure dealing with your illness is extremely frustrating and disheartning.

My good news... I've been working with my church since January to raise enough money to put a clean water system in an impoverished village in Tanzania. Today - we mde our goal of raising $15,000. Yay!

With your interest in Africa - I thought you might appreciate this.