Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday night report

Obviously, this is the Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler. I stumbled across it a while back, and found a Stitch-a-long that is starting on January 1st. I can't say exactly why but the piece really appealed to me.

So, I joined the group, got the chart- an ebook version as this beautiful version is long sold out- dug out some special fabric I've been saving for years and just last night ordered the silks.

You can see lots more details at some of the links in my sidebar. The gorgeous ivory linen came from Brunner Haus- which I just heard will be closing (or already has) due to the retirement of the wonderful owner. What a loss- their linens are incredible! The group is the Needleprint Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler SAL. The silks came from HDF- I ordered the Tiger Lily which is close to the originals called for but much richer as it is variegated. I even bought new, GOLD needles!

I spent part of the weekend doing some (of the inevitable, interminable) re-organizing in my so-called craft room. Made a little progress. Other weekend work included laundry and getting all the summer "stuff" (the table and chairs from the patio, the grill from the alcove- you know the routine) put in storage in the garage to await the return of warm weather.

We didn't have a good "house" day. I'm increasing the amount that goes into my retirement account each payday significantly starting with the next paycheck. (Put us in the category of those who are now forced to rethink our timetable for retirement after the last few weeks.) So, I've been shopping and spending like crazy in anticipation of less money and Christmas coming. Have you heard that timing is everything? Well, last night the microwave finally gasped it's almost last- about which there are no complaints as it was 24 yo in July!- and today the pipe under the sink sprung a leak! So, we need a new microwave AND a plumber in the immediate future. Yeah, timing is everything!

I got my twinks into their new storage box today, got a big dent made in the Thanksgiving food shopping and got some paperwork done.

The Eagles are playing, and already losing, and I am exhausted from a bad case of insomnia last night. I think I'm going to make it a really early night and head to bed with a good book.

Hope everyone reading has a good week!


Cathrine StClair said...

Ugghh insomnia - just hate it. Hope you have a great night tonight.

I can't sew worth a darn )not even on cards!). The sampler is beautiful though.

Heidi said...

Hi LadyDoc! So nice to have had you stop by my blog and leave such a sweet comment. I stopped in to say hello and see we have things in common. First, I am stitching this Quaker now. I had intended to do with with our group's SAL but life and designing for my quilt group got in the way. Now I am just doing it myself. I hope you enjoy starting it with the New Year.

Take a look at my other blog which is about my home and garden ~ CelebrateTheSeasons as it might interest you too.

Hugs ~

Suzanne said...

The sampler is lovely. Good luck with it.
Speaking of good books on your BLOG have you ever read anything by Jodi Picoult? She is a fascinating writer. I read My Sister's Keeper and am now listening too A Change of Heart.

Allison said...

Mmm...desirous! You will have to make a bunch to send to all of us salivating in blogoland!

Etha said...

ohhh that's a beautiful sampler, stitching with the silks will be fine!
You don't need a microwave... I've lived without one for more than 8 years now. These things just kill the food, there is nothing left that one would want to eat, useless ;)
Not sure about the pipe thing, those! you need ;)
What sort of storage thing do you have for your twinks? I saw some once online, really liked them, lost the link.

Shirley said...

Wow,a gorgeous sampler. I woke to my refrigerator making a pounding noise on the very same morning your pipe went crazy. I had to check it was so weird when you wrote it. It was so loud I hit the side of the refrigerator and its been running okay since (knock on wood, or anything that keeps it running). I hear you about the economy. I love my twinks and found a new place online where you can buy the individual 10 gram pots cheaper than Luminarte sells them.