Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some GORGEOUS Christmas stamps

I got an email this morning from OnyxXpresssions, one of my favorite stamp companies. I cannot believe that I didn't have them on my sidebar, but that will be rapidly corrected!

Anyway, they were announcing their Christmas stamps release. So, I clicked the link, and WOW!!!! Their new Christmas stamps are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

The stamp I copied here is one of my favorite quotes so I could not resist putting it here. It is a lovely stamp but does not hint at the beauty of their other Christmas stamps. To see the new stamps, check HERE. Make sure you check out all the stamps in their "winter wonders" category- or better yet, if your wallet and budget can stand it (mine couldn't but I ordered a bunch anyway!) check out the whole catalog!

OnyxXpressions makes great quality stamps and their designs are marvelous. They have a really unique look. I already have a bunch of their stamps and like them a LOT! Now I can't wait for all my new Christmas stamps to arrive!

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Shirley said...

Thanks for reminding me~ They are one of my favorites too!