Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Catching up on my stitching list

I was reading a stitching blog the other day and the writer had counted up all her WIPs, UFOs, and kitted projects. The numbers were pretty big.

Over the weekend I sorted out all my projects that are kitted and un-started. It was a lot more than I thought! So I decided to get started on categorizing all my stuff ( we will, of course, ignore all the unkitted charts that I am going to "do someday") and see where I am- and how many centuries I need to finish it all, lol!

So, I'm going to start here with a quick list of the ones that are REALLY WIPs- those that I have made significant progress on but just never got around to finishing. The list of UFOs- which will be those I started but haven't made a big dent in yet- will come later. Maybe looking at it every day on the sidebar here will encourage (embarrass) me into getting more done?

I'll add some pictures when I get a chance to take some so you AND *I* can see where I'm really at.

The "current project" is Sekas' Watercolour Dragonflies which is getting close to done- and which I need to finish because I need the q-snaps for the Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler.

The WIPs are: Lavendar & Lace Celtic Christmas, L&L Angel of Mercy, Shepherd's Bush Road to Bethlehem, Just Nan Star of Wonder, and an old EGA Group Correspondence course piece that I cannot remember the name of right now.

One I get some pictures, I'm going to set up links to my photo gallery at photobucket.com and keep track of my progress. (For now I'll just link to a finished picture so I can set up the sidebar and not have to completely redo it.)

Sounds like a plan, huh? Let's see how I do with it!


Suzanne said...

I love Lavender and Lace designs and have a lot of them, but have never got up the courage to start any of them. They are beautiful but intimidating!!! For me anyway.

Shirley said...

Wow~I haven't looked at my stitching things started and left to start since I have been in this house. 5 almost 6 years. You make me blush!!!!! I wish you good luck though.