Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday evening as usual

So we went to the picnic wedding yesterday. It had a combined Oktoberfest/Philadelphia theme. The cocktail hour was a terrific Oktoberfest beer on tap, with soft pretzels- REAL Philadelphia soft pretzels.

There were fields for the kids to play ball, which they did. Some of the adults entertained themselves with ping-pong. I don't know if anyone played volleyball. Almost everyone except the bride and her mom changed into shorts, golf shirts, all kinds of casual clothes. Later in the evening the bride was still in her dress, but her high heels had been replaced with sneakers- in which she danced with her father, who was in khaki shorts. There was even a floor show, coordinated by the father of the bride. No pictures of that to be shown here- I am saving them for blackmail purposes! It was a LOT of fun.

The food was terrific- and very German, picnic style. Knockwurst, roast pork, barbecued chicken, spaetzle, German potato salad, sauerkraut. Everything tasted great! Dessert was provided by the bride's German grandmother- immense numbers of tiny, beautiful, WONDERFUL tasting pastries.

However, it was pretty generally agreed that the piece de resistance was the wedding cake, made by the bride's aunt. For those of you not from Philadelphia, one of our local delicacies is a line of snack cakes from a company called Tastykake. The wedding cake consisted of a top layer of a traditional bride cake, with Mickey and Minnie on top. (Yes, their family is as Disney crazy as mine- guess where the young couple are honeymooning?) The larger layers were constructed of Butterscotch Krimpets, Jelly Krimpets, Tandytakes, Chocolate Juniors, Coconut Juniors and Kreme Filled Cupcakes. It was a masterpiece, a triumph, a work of genius!!!

So, we had a marvelous day!

The Eagles won- YIPPEE!!! The Phillies are up by 2 games in the NLCS but are not doing so well tonight. Considering the jet lag combined with the manager and one of the players each getting ready to go home for family funerals on their next day off, I guess that's not a big surprise. I also think the INCREDIBLE Jamie Moyer might just have been feeling the jet lag a little more than the rest- at 45 those things are just a little harder to adjust to then when we were younger. But there are still 3 innings- anything can happen!

Now it is time to iron for tomorrow and get to bed early.

Go, Phillies!!!!!

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Shirley said...

You definitely needed that! Sounds like a wonderful fun time. TFS