Thursday, October 16, 2008

One of those days

Got up this AM after NOT enough sleep- but it was the Phillies so that was ok.

No tea this AM- the milk DS bought last night turned out to be bad. I am NOT a happy camper without my tea.

Started the day with a phone call that a friend's father had just died. That was more than enough to ruin the whole day.

Followed by a meeting that didn't happen, then a tough, extremely busy, very hectic day, then another meeting that did happen. Way too much walking today- the legs are screaming.

Then tonight the phone just kept ringing, the portable had not been charged, so every call required a walk to the other end of the house. This would not have been quite so annoying if half the calls hadn't been political. And, don't forget the very nice but very persistent political "visitor" at my front door tonight who wanted to find out what my issues were. She finally left when I told her I would have voted for her candidate except for one issue (on which he is VERY clear) and that did it. I've been polled, questioned, borderline harrassed- and I'm fed up.

Guess you could say I'm not in a good mood?

However, I did find a REALLY good blog about cardmaking- she does incredible work and you really should check it out!

My Adventures in Cardmaking

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Shirley said...

She is on my card list, just like you are. What's the one issue? Hope tomorrow is a better day. Hope you vote anyway.