Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No sleep here tonight!

It's gonna be a L-O-N-G night around here.

As I posted earlier- when they won the NLCS- I live 2 1/2 city blocks from one of the main intersections where people gather when big things happen.

Well, as for tonight, I might as well live IN the intersection!

There are helicopters overhead- I've lost count, but a lot of them. There is no place to park for, I'm hearing, more than a mile. Cars are parked on corners (yeah, I mean ON the corner), IN smaller intersections, ON sidewalks. Horns and other assorted noisemakers are drowning out the TV- with all the doors and windows closed. Fireworks are going off all over.

And the people? Well, the TV folks aren't even trying to estimate how many are deluging our neighborhood!

I walked up to the celebration right after the game and it was great! At that point it was still just the locals from our neighborhood- lots of little kids with parents and grandparents, lots of folks my age, local teenagers. The big highlight was people doing the "Let's go Phillies" cheers over and over. Everyone was just smiling and laughing and talking to everyone whether they knew them or not.

Now there are people pouring in from all over this end of the city. They are still arriving in droves and getting louder rather than starting to settle down.

My DS is on the phone with his high school buddy who now works in New England. They were talking about the parade on Friday. Friend was obviously hesitating about coming down when DS (remember that the last time this happened DS and friend were toddlers) said "Well, if you wait til next time you might be watching from a wheelchair". That seems to have convinced him, lol!

Well, time to go iron another Phillies shirt for tomorrow- by Friday I HOPE to have the World Series Champions shirt!- and at least go through the motions of getting ready for bed. When SLEEP will actually be available is anyone's guess.

YAY, PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!

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Suzanne said...

Hey these days what they are it's nice to have something GOOD to celebrate!!!!!!