Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lots of blog stuff today

These are my PHILLIES Crocs. I bought them last year when they made the playoffs- and never got to wear them because the team was done before they arrived!

We had "favorite team jersey day" at school a couple weeks ago. (September 29th to be exact!) I wore a Phillies shirt and my Crocs. The kids went nuts for the Crocs and I promised I would wear them every day as long as the team was still "in it". Well, it must be working- they won the Eastern Divisional championship and then they won the National League championship and now they are getting ready for the WORLD SERIES!!! And, I am still wearing my Phillies Crocs every day. (I did take a day off for the wedding, lol!)

Wearing Crocs every day for three weeks has made my feet feel great. My legs, on the other hand, have been sorely stressed in the last few weeks- too much walking, too many extra trips to other parts of the very large building, too much going on away from work as well.

So, today I am having a mostly "horizontal" day. I have my computer desk set up so that I can rest my legs up on the side of it, and lean back in my swivel chair. It is even better than laying in bed- because I can rest AND explore the 'net!

I made a lot of changes to my sidebar today. If you look you will find a whole bunch of new links under Stitching Designers and Supplies sites. I linked to the Needlework Designers I most often actually stitch or whose designs I have the most of. I will be adding to the list but these are the ones who first come to mind without actually checking my significantly sized stash.

I also added a whole new section in the sidebar: Hawaiian Quilting. I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hawaiian quilting. Some of the links are designers, some are references, some are sites to purchase Hawaiian quilting supplies- and a couple do all of the above! I really believe that Hawaiian quilting is an art form that many stitchers who love cross stitch and other forms of embroidery would embrace. There are only two stitches- applique and the quilting stitch. It is all handwork- Hawaiian quilts are not made with machines. There is no piecing or stripping or assembling of the quilt top. There are wonderful, inspiring traditions associated with Hawaiian quilting that make working on them a joy.

More on all this another day- for now, check out the links and enjoy!

Oh, and do NOT forgot to scroll down to the "blogoversary" post- there is BLOG CANDY available!


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh I LOVE the feel of Crocs!!!! Hmmm........maybe I'll have to find some Bronco ones!!! LOL

Belinda said...

Wow, you have been busy. Love knowing about the embroidery sites.
Thank you.

Suzanne said...

Thank for sharing all the great sites and CONGRATs to those Phillies and their fans!!!!!

Shirley said...

I'll have to try Crocs. I haven't yet. Will wait until next Summer though! Congrats on your Phillies.