Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little down time

I am actually just sitting here, catching up on all my sidebar blogs. Amazing!!!

I've been in a LOT of arthritis pain and having significant problems with my Fibromyalgia due to the weather change and the coldness of the building at work. One of the worst parts of FMS when it gets out of control is the devastating exhaustion which is really setting in the last few days. Add in the FMS headaches and the stiffness, and taking card of DH, and I've been pretty miserable.

The good news is that once I get really warm- which takes a couple hours each day after I get home; that "chilled to the bone" feeling takes a while to shake- then I start to feel better- just about when it is time to go to bed and start the whole cycle again.

Other good news? DH is finally recovering well. His cabin fever hit such a point last night that I agreed to "let him" go out of the house, if HE agreed to go out to dinner to one of the Philadelphia Blue Day participating restaurants. It was a good decision for both. He clearly cheered up dramatically and I got a good dinner I didn't have to cook. Since it was "for charity", I even went for the crab appetizer and a MARVELOUS dessert called "Lava smores".

I got a new video about Hawaiian Quilting the other day from Make Hawaiian It is a homemade video but does a really good job of going over a lot of the details specific to Hawaiian quilts. I watched the whole thing already and was reminded of several things I'd forgotten and even picked up a few tips I had not heard before. It gives enough information that even a non-quilter could make a small Hawaiian quilt from the video instructions.

This inspired me to pull out a small quilt that I started hand quilting a while ago (QUITE a while ago, lol!). The major result of this exercise was to remind me why I get so little crafting, stitching or quilting done in the winter. By the time I sat down with the hoop after dinner: my eyes were straining looking at the fabric, my hand hurt when I tried to grip the needle, it was not so much enjoyable as a big effort to concentrate on trying (and NOT succeeding) to make the stitches a similar length. All in all it was WAY more trouble than pleasure. It made me remember that there's a reason I do basic (scarves and afghans) crochet in the winter- it's not the warmth of the yarn, its the monotonous but easy work with a large, easy-on-the-hand hook and stitches that can be felt and don't need to be seen. Guess its time to start on another scarf!

Time to go make a healthy dinner (DH- or more accurately, DH's missing gall bladder, lol- is forcing us all to eat healthy!) and get ready for Game 5/Part 2 of the World Series!


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