Thursday, September 4, 2008


DH had a bad day. The school where he teaches was built in 1848. It has those gigantic, massive windows that are like 6 feet tall for each section with mahogany frames. One of them slipped out of its track today and crashed down on his hand. He moved quickly and it only smashed the top joint area of his middle finger (the distal phalanx). Then there was getting the bleeding stopped, getting it elevated and iced, getting the nurse to evaluate, going to HR who then called the workmen's comp clinic at the hospital- where they told them they were not taking anymore patients today.

So he came home. The finger is not too badly swollen as he was so careful to keep the hand up and the finger iced, but it is dramatically bruised. Tomorrow morning its off to the clinic for evaluation. Fortunately, its his right hand and he is a leftie.

So, he's in a lot of pain, there is nothing I can do for him except give him advil, and it's going to be a LONG night around here.

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Etha said...

oh no :( tell him hugs and I hope the hand is better soon!!!