Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TOO long day!

Today was WAY too long!

I've been trying to conserve energy and do as little walking as possible. I should be using the wheelchair to get around but I've developed some serious pain in my shoulder and down my arm, and also some loss of feeling and function in my right hand from all the weight and abuse from using the wheelchair. So, I've been walking all over the huge building at work- as little as I can manage, but still it's way too much. Today was exceptional for both time and the amount of walking I had to do, so tonight the chorus of pain from my legs could drown out the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

Tomorrow DH is having tests at the hospital- routine but they will take several hours and he will require a driver as anesthesia is involved. Rather than sit there for all that time I was able to schedule my first appointment with the new doctor who is taking over for my BELOVED doctor who retired. She will be picking up where he left off in June- with the discovery that it appears that, as if there weren't enough things wrong with me, I apparently have some kind of blood disease. So, the meet-and-greet and second round of blood tests for me will be going on while DH has his procedures. At least its a good use of the time and maybe I'll get to spend lots of time on hospital exam room tables- tomorrow that would be good because my feet and legs would be UP!

DARN!!! The Phillies lost so the magic number is still 4.

How many Phillies fans are there out there who are old enough to actually REMEMBER 1964? Oh, the PAIN!!!!

This is the poster from the movie "Stealing Home". Most thought it was not a very good movie. If I could be purely objective, I'd probably agree. But I love this movie, for so many reasons.

The school scenes were filmed at my DS's school. We know or knew a lot of the people playing small parts or extras in the school scenes, including the "young Mark Harmon". What a treat to see it and them in a movie! There are so many familiar settings in this movie- we've eaten at the diner, been to the sporting goods store.

The non-Atlantic City shore scenes were filmed at Island Beach State Park in Ocean County, NJ- my summer home all my life. I've been to the park more times that I can count. Seeing it on film is not as beautiful as seeing it for real, but being able to see it anytime from anywhere is soooo nice.

Finally, the Billy Wyatt character is just about my age. I am not a boy, and haven't swung a baseball bat in a lot of years, but growing up in my house, it was ALL ABOUT baseball.

Which brings me back to the Phillies and 1964. It may be impossible to understand unless you lived through it: the greatest collapse in sports history! A 6 1/2 game lead with 12 to play! The whole town was World Series crazy. And.... it didn't happen.

And the biggest reason I love this movie? It's got a sub-plot about the 1964 Phillies and what it was like. It portrays, as accurately as can be done, what it means to be a Phillies fan and what 1964 will forever mean to all of us who remember that AWFUL year. It shows the sheer, dogged faithfulness of a real Phillies fan. EVERY year, for us, is going to be THE YEAR. We always believe. As the beloved Tug McGraw taught us "ya GOTTA believe"!



Etha said...

blood eh? let us know what the results are, it just never stops for you!!

Shirley said...

Well, I hope all works out well for you, or weller!