Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another weekend ruined

Last weekend I got to spend most of my time in bed recuperating from a long week of too much heat. Headache, nausea, the usual heat effects. This week the weather was comfortable but I was incredibly exhausted and worn out from too many, too long, days of dealing with stuff. So, I spent all week looking forward to a great weekend with good friends, scrapbooking.

A while back a couple of us were talking about how our wedding albums had to be redone. When I got married 32 years ago, our photographer, a good friend, took wonderful pictures and gave us all the negatives. I made my own wedding album- WAY before scrapbooking as we know it today was popular. Well, *THE* thing in photo albums then was the "magnetic" album- which had nothing to do with magnets, but used thin clear sheets that lifted up for you to arrange your pictures and then stuck "magnetically" to cover the whole page. What the scrapbooking world and everyone else discovered about 25 years later is that these books degraded your pictures!

Once I learned about this, several years ago, I dis-assembled my original wedding album. Bought a new album, filler pages, lots of paper and assorted embellishments, etc. Had the whole "kit" together but never got around to actually making the new album. Then my friend and I in conversation learned we both had the same situations- ready to go but never done.

So, three of us planned "wedding album weekend"! It was gonna be SOOO much fun!

I didn't feel great when I got home yesterday- parts of the day were spent in too-hot rooms, I'd gotten drenched walking to my car, my stomach was queasy. But, I decided to go anyway- BAD DECISION!!!! As the evening progressed, I just got sicker and sicker. I don't know if it was something I ate during the day yesterday, getting soaked before the drive home, just a "bug"I picked up, or a combination of all of the above- but by late evening, I was SICK!!!

It just was not meant to be, I guess. I called DH about 8:30 to check in. When he asked how it was going I told him: "I'm sick, "C" can't find her wedding pictures, and "A" (who was planning to do online scrapping) can't get a signal on her laptop- other than that we're having a grand time".

I finally got so sick that I had to call DH and DS to drive out and bring me (and my car full of stuff) home. That was about midnight- needless to say, since DH had to go to work at 9AM today and DS had to leave around 8AM for a trip with friends to NYC today, NEITHER of them was particularly thrilled. We got home a little before 2 AM and I've been sleeping, with many "sick" breaks, ever since. I MUST say, that although they clearly did NOT love driving across several counties to rescue me, they were both wonderful about it!

So, that's how my weekend is going. Hopefully I will start to feel a little better sometime soon. I will, for sure, have to be more careful for a while, probably quite a while, as in DAYS, about what I eat. Right now I am waiting to see how a cup of tea and 6 crackers are going to behave. Whatever they decide to do, it is definitely time for more medicine and back to bed.


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Awww how yucky Theresa!!! I'm so sorry!!! Please just take care of yourself and get lots of rest!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Oh Theresa, I am so sorry that another weekend is ruined. I hope you begin to feel better soon and maybe at least tomorrow can be salvaged....just don't go outside. Its supposed to be very hot and muggy at least here it is and we are not that far from you. Take care and I hope next weekend proves that the third time is the charm and it is wonderful!

Perky said...

Yeah, yeah sure..... you were sick. Riiiiiighhht!

We know you were just sick of us and wanted to take your "goodie bag" and go home and blog! LOL!

So sorry you get sick. We're really missing you right now!

Lori J (UrgentCookie) said...

I sure hope you are feeling better now. Sorry that you missed out on the Wedding Album weekend.

Gwen said...

OH! that really stinks!!! & now you will have to go back to work with out any fun on the weekend!!! makes for a long week...I know!!!! please feel better soon :)