Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another GOTTA HAVE stamp set!

One of the blogs on my sidebar is Stampin When I Can. Well, she has a card there now that uses a stamp from a set called Images de Mon Pays which is French for "Images of my Country". The scenes are French Canadian and the stamps are GORGEOUS!!!!

My first trip "out of the country" was in 1970, a short trip to Montreal and Quebec. It was fabulous. THEY were fabulous!

Now, having seen it, I just GOTTA have that stamp set!

So, if anyone has a set they want to sell, if anyone knows anyone who wants to sell one, if anyone can think of any way for me to get this stamp set- PLEASE let me know!!!

PS- just sitting here at home reading blogs is turning into a potentially very expensive activity today!


Allison said...

Hey there! I am pretty sure this was only offered in Canada so it may be a hard one to find!

Suzy has a set...maybe she would be willing to part with it?


Shirley said...

Also, you could try EBay in Canada or the US. You never know. Also you can go the the Forum on Splitcoast Stampers and down near the bottom of the forums there is a place where you can post what you are looking for (I know it a preposition). I be you can get it there. People from all over the world post there.
Good Luck!