Sunday, August 31, 2008

More organizing to share

In spite of my total lack of housekeeping ability- which is partly, at least, due to exhaustion during the school year- I *did* keep a neat house before Fibromyalgia!- we do manage to have nice Christmas holidays around here. One of the reasons for that is a website/program I found about 6-7 years ago called Organized Christmas. While I have never successfully completed an entire plan, using this site has made Christmas much easier and less stressful each year.

In previous years, I used the 6 week plan called Christmas Countdown. It's a really good program for having a schedule of things you want/need to do to be ready for the holidays without too much last minute panicking. My favorite part of the program was the planner. Each year I printed out all the pages that applied to our house and it was a BIG help!

This year I am going to attempt the more ambitious Houseworks Holiday Plan. This plan starts today. The Christmas Countdown starts around Halloween. One of the good things about the HHP is that if you fall off the wagon, it is set up to transition easily into the CC- so no guilt!

So, regardless of whether you are BO (Born Organized) or SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive), if you dread getting ready for the holidays, think about checking out Organized Christmas!

Off to start this week's work for HHP!


Gwen said...

wow thaks a lot!!! I am going to check it out right now!!! TFS!!!!!

Shirley said...

I think its a cool tip for anyone.