Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's gotta be the full moon!

I had a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning that I needed to reschedule. Called this morning promptly at 9:15 AM. Had to leave a message- no humans available. Got a call back at 11:45- "why did you miss yesterday's appointment?"- which call I missed so it was on my answering machine. Then I call back, get the office machine again, now leave a message "I am trying to reschedule tomorrow, I didn't have an appointment yesterday". The machine message promises that someone will call back by the end of the day. HAH!

It was that kind of day. I left messages at a doctor's office, an insurance company and I forget where else- but I left quite a few. Tottled around here not starting anything big- in case I got a call back!- but I never did.

Then I went to Michael's where I was in line for 30 minutes trying to check out. First, there was no one on any register. Then they told me to go to register #3, she would be right there. Then they told me to move to register #5- after I had put a whole pile of stuff on the counter at #3. Then it took forever to ring me out. Then I had to wait to get a manager to approve my coupon because it was an internet coupon and everyone else had Sunday paper coupons!

Stopped at Mom's on the way home. Found out she had a similar day. Had to wait WAY too long to see the new doctor- ours had retired- and then he was just plain stunned by her medical record. Have I mentioned that my mother is the energizer bunny? She has had more things wrong with her than any other 10 people combined, but at 84 she still lives alone, drives, and is totally "with it". Anyway, she got out of the doctor's late- it took FOREVER to explain her history to him, even in brief- got stuck in traffic, decided to stop for a snack, came out of the bagel place and her car wouldn't start. So the hour with the doctor ended up taking 5 hours from start to finish.

SCS is all messed up- you can read but not reply.

The stupid Florida tropical storm Fay is making them all crazy down there. She is wandering across the state like a drunk trying but failing to walk a line. People who prepped for a tropical storm/possible hurricane in some cases didn't even get wet while the other side of the state- where she was NOT supposed to go- got drenched and wind-whipped. Stupid storm!

I NEVER use the famous "what else xxxxx xx xxxxx?" expression cause I might find out if I ask- but it has been a GOOFY day.

So, here are a few blogs to check out:

Lots of interesting things on each of them- ENJOY!


Diane said...

Hope today is a better day! Love what you did with the Silhouette. Adorable.

Shirley said...

Why is it I think we have a lot in common. LOL I have those days too whenever I have to call a business. Also, thank you for your kind comment on my blog and by the way, I love Etha's blog too.

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Aww.......I sure hope you have a much better day!!! Hugs!!