Thursday, August 14, 2008

After the Party!

The Release Party for Clear Artistic Stamps was a lot of fun! There were LOTS of laughs, especially for me as I got to tease and abuse my friend Etha! The new stamp sets are wonderful- which is no surprise because everything Belinda does is beautiful!

Here's the Autumn Treats- I just LOVE that little mouse with the wheelbarrow! Can't wait til they get here!

As for the final progress report of the evening? Well, once I remembered that I needed to get to the pharmacy tonight for one of my meds, of which I was OUT, well, "out" is what happened to doing any more sorting and tossing. It took just long enough that I was just too tired to do anything but eat dinner- and get to the Party!!

Now it's time to settle in the recliner- VERY close to horizontal- and watch the swimming until I fall asleep.

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Etha said...

Thanks for joining the Party, it was FUN!