Friday, July 11, 2008

More coloring results

Well, I did get to the beach chair, but not to the cross-stitch.
I also got to the Post Office- needed to mail a package. I have NO paper down here except patterned paper so I had to make a card. Here's what my first time attempt with Prismacolor alcohol markers looks like. I'm not thrilled with the final result, but I am satisfied, and definitely want to explore these markers more.

When I got to the PO, there waiting for me were the Pebbles chalks I had ordered on Friday night the 4th! I was amazed- and could not wait to try them out.

So I stamped out several images and played.

This stamp is called "Sisters" and is the first one from a new line at Cornish Heritage Farms using images from a painter named Sandra Kuck. Like the Thomas Kinkade stamps, they do not stamp the same image as what you see on the top of the stamp (they use the artist's rendering for the stamp top) but they are still quite complex. After playing with the Kinkades for almost a year I came to the conclusion last week that chalks done softly might be the only way I would ever use a TK stamp again. So, naturally this was one of the first images I tried my new chalks on. I used the Pebbles shimmer chalks on this, and both the color and the shimmer show up much better IRL, but I think the picture gives you an idea that the chalks make a soft effect that goes perfectly with the image.

And, it turns out that my playing today made me reconsider- so tomorrow, if I get it mounted on a card, I have another image from this same stamp, and it was NOT done with chalks!

Off to bed with that good book!

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Christi said...

I have heard so many awesome things about the Pebbles Shimmer Chalks. I love both of your cards!!