Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another day in Paradise

Yes, for me, it really is. I am at the shore, within walking distance of my beloved river, the weather is magnificent and all is right with the world!
I took a few pictures this morning so I can share with you why my DH calls this little house "living on the porch". I can sit in the living room but might as well be outside except I don't need sunscreen. Later today I *will* need sunscreen when I wander down to the beach and go swimming.

I got a little overly ambitious yesterday. I actually forgot to put on my leg braces after my shower and went to the store without them. Last night I paid for it with some discomfort and I had to cancel my plans to go to a party in South Jersey today- I didn't think the long drive a smart idea under the circumstances. I'm disappointed at not getting to see everyone at the party, but getting these legs back in shape is more important. AND, you can be sure I won't forget the braces again!

So, I am engaged with a good book, loving the breeze and the sunshine, and just generally loving my living on the porch!

Maybe I'll do a little playing later.

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Etha said...

looks heavenly to me :)