Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wonderful afternoon

It's 9:30 PM and the temperature is down to 91°! (The "feels like" is 98°!!!!!)Don't get me wrong- I LIKE hot weather, but there is hot and then there's ridiculous!

Our old house (built around 1922) has radiators and no ducts. We looked into putting in central air about 15 years ago, but they told us they would have to tear out all the oak parquet floors, and it would cost about $12K, so we said "forget it". There really are not enough really hot days to warrant that kind of money and destruction. So, we live with window units in the bedrooms and survive mostly fine.

Today was really bad. But, my darling aunt called and said "come to the airconditioning, go swimming in the pool and I'll cook dinner"- the proverbial offer we could not refuse.

So,we sat for the worst hours of the day in the AC, we had a nice dinner and a lot of good conversation, and for an hour I was in the pool. THAT was the wonderful part.

For an hour today it was as if my legs were FINE! I just noodled around in the pool, doing all kinds of things and none of it hurt! My legs even still feel better tonight from the good, safe exercise. It was GREAT!!!!!

I cannot wait to get to the shore in July for a few weeks. I'm going be in that water SOOOO much!

Tomorrow the forecast is for 101°! I am giving my final for my freshmen at 8AM. The weather channel says that at 8AM when the test starts it will feel like 89°, and 95° by the time it is over 80 minutes later. That's BAD!!!

So, I think I may have to give my exam in the cafeteria. It is below ground and should be MUCH cooler. Also, not in use at that time of day. Hopefully, the admin will give permission.

From an old (13th century!) English song/poem: "Sumer is icumen in" or SUMMER HAS ARRIVED!!!

10 days until Disney World!!!!!!!

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Wow!! I can't even fathom that heat with humidity!! YUKKKKK!!! I'm glad you had some coolness and pain relief for your legs!!!! 10 days until the big trip!!!! You can make it!!!