Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The winner and still champion!

Here I am in front of Mission:Space at Epcot. There is a story behind the title to this post, and this picture.

In 2006 we went to WDW with friends. Mission:Space was a pretty new ride at that point. I am a little careful with my back on some rides- the pain is not worth the pleasure. The rest of our group went on the ride and came off telling me it would be no problem for my back and wanting me to go on with them. So, I did!
Well, there are two versions of this ride and my DH and our friends had tried the "less intense" one. They all decided we should do the "more intense" one with me. Ok with me as long as I'm not going to get smashed from side to side. So, we went. We came off, all of them moaning and green, and me giggling with delight. They thought the "more intense" absolutely AWFUL and *I* thought it absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!
Fast forward to this weekend. My DH will not go on this ride, but of course DS is willing. When I ask "more or less" he says "go for it all". So, we did! As we came down the ramp after the ride I asked him how he liked it and he said "that's one ride I don't have to go on again, EVER!!!!"

So, I will have to find another newbie to go with me on my next trip to WDW- because I LOVE Mission:Space!
More about our GREAT trip later!


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Wow!! I'm so glad you're having fun!!! That would probably be a ride that I would opt out of to begin with!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

What a great time and I love this picture! Looking for newbies hummm.


thinker said...

glad you're having fun... AND that you're being careful to take care of yourself :)

Bridgett said...

You go girl! Woohoo!!! I am so glad you had such a great time!!!