Monday, June 9, 2008

Evening update

It's 7PM. The temperature is 95° and the "feels like" is 100°!

Very long and busy day. I got permission and gave my exam in the cafeteria- it made a HUGE difference! When I first walked into the classroom this morning there was another teacher with me and she audibly gasped- it was like opening an oven with that dry, hot air that burns your lungs. So, as soon as I took roll, down to the caf we went.
I got all my grades done and turned in by 1PM- the deadline for today as they closed all the schools in the city at either noon or 1. (Kids went home earlier at our school.)

Then it was off to physical therapy. That went well. She added a pound to the weight I'd been working with and I felt it but I DID IT! Then the rep from the brace company came and he refit the smaller lighter brace. It immediately felt better. Then the doctor checked it out and said he was satisfied- so I am no longer in the monster hip to ankle, but in a smaller (thigh to calf!) and lighter brace. I can bend my knee!!! Who would believe that I'd be this excited about getting a new leg brace?

So, except for the fact that all I feel like doing is sitting and drinking water, and that it is ridiculously hot here, and I really don't want to go to bed yet (even if that is the only available AC), it wasn't a bad day!
Here are a couple of pictures- something like the "before" brace and something like the "after" brace- even with the bad, tiny pictures, you'll see why I am HAPPY!!!!!


Suzanne said...

Wow I thought it was hot here, but we only got up to 98 today! I can feel the heat difference between our first floor and second...of course bedroom is on the second!
That is some knee brace you were in. Glad to hear you were moved into a lighter one. No just make sure when you head to Disney that you do not over do it!!!! PLEASE!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Hoooray for making it thru school and exams and grading!!!! I'm so glad you got a lighter should be able to enjoy Disney ever so much more!!!! Oh and.......I soooo did not grow those gorgeous flowers on my blog header.......LOL.......I WISH!!!!! :)