Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Etha's blog is back!!

It took 2 days, but Etha's blog is back!

This is important because Sheetload of Cards is having a "Reader's Choice Guest Artist" contest, and I have nominated Etha!

If you think you'd be a good guest designer for Sheetload, or you know someone you think would be good, go to their website and put in your/their name.
But, if you don't have anyone in particular in mind, please check out Etha's blog, and if you agree with me that she is WONDERFULLY talented, you can go to Sheetload and nominate her also.

Etha's blog is wonderful- just like she is! I first met Etha IRL about 12-14 years ago through an Internet group of stitchers. Since then she has been my internet and real-life friend, and my crafting guru. She tries a new thing, then tells me I have to try it- and usually I do! (I did skip the weaving- there's no way a loom fits in a Philadelphia row house.) She is, however, unlike me, amazingly talented- she masters so many new techniques and crafts and her work is always fabulous!

So, when I saw the Sheetload post that they were looking for a guest designer, I immediately nominated Etha. The way this contest is working, the 5 people who get the most nominations will be voted on in July by the Sheetload readers.

So, check out these two pages from her blog particularly and see if you don't agree with me.
This is from a limited supplies challenge at SCS. And, this is what she did with a project from Firecracker Designs from Pamela, using 3 sheets to get 12 cards. Both of these, I think, show how GREAT she'd be at a Sheetload design.

And, in other news, graduation was this morning. The seniors are gone and there are only a few more days of classes before finals begin for my freshmen. Now I'm off to tweak and proofread their final exam and print it out to give to Sister in the copy room tomorrow. I still have LOTS of term papers to read, one last set of tests to grade, and lots of organizing to do, but the end is IN SIGHT!!!!

15 Days til Disney World!!!!!!


Bridgett said...

Wow! Just a couple of weeks until Disney World! Can I go? LOL :0) I wanted to thank you for the TAG and let you know I posted it! FINALLY, huh? LOL

I love that you have a link to me!! HOW FUN! I love being your TAC ANGEL!!!!

And you can call me anytime you want to talk about our specials and/or to place your order!


Etha said...

bbbbb BLUSH!!!