Thursday, May 29, 2008


There's time here for a quick check-in.

We had a lovely time for most of the Memorial Day weekend. I didn't make any cards, but I did some playing with new stamps and new markers. I now have several images to use for cards when I get a chance. Friends came down for a cookout on Sunday and we spent hours just chatting and laughing. Monday was also a beautiful weather day. On the way home, our son had a blowout in a front tire of his car. DH and I were only a couple miles ahead of him when he called, so we turned around and the guys changed the tire rather than waiting for the auto club. That meant we got home a LOT later than expected.

It's finals week for the seniors at school, so I was kept really busy giving the exam and getting grades calculated. I still have the rest of my students so there are "normal" class activities to keep up with as well.

This weekend will include taking the time to make cards for my senior students. I have the card designed and everything ready- now I just have to find the time and DO IT!

Throw in the usual doctor's visits and PT sessions, on the phone with the insurance company (yes, there is still no answer to the wheelchair request!), a couple of necessary meetings, making a run to Mom's between doctor and meeting, and I forget what else, and I'm BEAT!

I got a box in the mail today with some new Art Impressions stamps! There are only two more weeks of school! It's 20 days til Disney World! DB and family are on their way home!

So, I might be tired, but there are such wonderful things on the horizon, I'm a happy camper!

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Sure sounds like you've got some fun and happy summer times ahead!!!!