Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Art News

In January I went on a crafting weekend in Lancaster with a group of friends. We had a great time. For anyone who might not know, Lancaster is the center of the Amish area in Pennsylvania.

While there I saw a print on the wall of the hotel lobby that just absolutely entranced me! I actually asked the hotel manager to find out about the picture for me and she gave me the name of the artist, Nancy Noel.

Since then I have been stalking her work on eBay. I have looked on her website and have totally fallen in love with her Amish paintings. The one I saw first in Lancaster is still my favorite, and I WILL own it one of these days, but I also found another one that I REALLY want to get, and many that I would like to have.

One that fell into the "would like to have" category showed up the other day on ebay, and already framed even! I put in a low bid, never expecting it to sell for that amount, and somehow, no one overbid me!

So, I now own my first Nancy Noel print! I am very happy about this. I have visited Lancaster numerous times and each time I am more enthralled by the Amish culture and the simple but incredibly beautiful ways they "dress" their lives. One of their dolls sits on my living room window sill. Someday, an Amish quilt- a REAL one- will cover our bed. And now, one of our walls will hold one of these beautiful images.

Check out Nancy Noel's work if you like "realistic" but gorgeous representations. I'm not jinxing myself by writing the name of my favorite, but here is the one I just bought:

Isn't she gorgeous????

I will sleep happy and peaceful tonight, knowing she is on her way, and this image will make me smile every time I walk past it once she is home here.

I cannot help it- I love beauty.


Suzanne said...

I too love Lancaster area more each time I go there. Though last time we were there the end of March the farmers were spreading manure on their fields and that wasn't too pleasant!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...!!!! This little girl is beyond precious!!!! I've never been to Lancaster, but sure would love to visit someday!!!!