Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday afternoon as usual!

I am long overdue for a post. Things got busy last Sunday, DH came home on Tuesday- a day early as a surprise!!!- and other than that the week was pretty awful.

The situation at work continues to be bad and I had to go the official route finally. The process will be long and stressful but if it keeps these people from harassing another teacher who is handicapped, even temporarily, then it will be worth it.

The %^&* leg is acting up- and I don't know why. I will see the doctor on Monday and hopefully he will have some ideas how I can continue to function but without all the pain. Taking all these meds is beginning to be an issue- while the leg and shoulder love them, my stomach does NOT.

On the brighter side: I had a really good time last weekend participating in two online card making challenge parties. I made a bunch of cards and they came out pretty well. They are all in my gallery (left sidebar) but I will have to show a few here.

This one (left) was for the CHF backgrounders blitz. I made several cards for this event but this one is my favorite.

The blue one I entered in two challenges- the backgrounders at CHF and the Earth Day recycling challenge at JustJohanna. The blue band and the layering for the sentiment were both made from a DVD envelope that I had just received in the mail.
I've been playing this weekend with some new images but they are not yet attached to cards, so those pictures will have to wait. I did some marker coloring, some pencil coloring and some embossing with pastel coloring, so there will be a different look to a couple of these. My big thing now is to find the time to set up and do some watercoloring.
The highlight of the week was, of course, the return of my wandering husband. He managed in a day short of a month to see things beyond wonderful, to meet and visit with terrific people, to travel 7614 miles!!!- and most important, to fulfill a life-long dream. I missed him a LOT, and I am very glad that he is home, but I wouldn't ask for him to have been here instead of where he was for anything!
So, no matter how much the leg hurts, or how awful the people I work for are, my DARLING DH IS HOME!!!!!!


Etha said...

Beautiful cards, love the big backgrounders!
They look very pretty in the grey/b+white color scheme, must try that one day!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Teresa!! These are just stunning!! The top one is my fave....awesome!!! You are sure to win!! I'm so sorry about your leg.......that's bad enough...but then to deal with awful!! But how wonderful you got your hubby back all safe and sound!!! Hope the doc can find some more relief for you....keep us posted!!! HUGS!!!

Diane said...

Don't you love using background stamps. You did an excellent job on both. They have a bit of a toile look which I love. Beautiful!

Beth said...

Beautiful! Both cards are wonderful-black and white is always a classy combo and you've dressed it up nicely. Your blue one is darling-the greeting makes me smile and that is so very clever recycling the envie!