Sunday, April 13, 2008

And another Sunday evening post

Well, here it is another Sunday evening- one of my most traditional times to post.

It's Masters Sunday and DS and I continued our family's longstanding traditions even though DH is away. We watched all afternoon, ate our traditional Masters meal, and groaned as the Augusta course beat up on the players. It's not officially over yet, but it will take a major collapse by the young man in the lead combined with a virtually impossible charge by Tiger to change the outcome now.

The weather here has been hinting spring for several days in a row, so I am getting some laundry done- actually I am giving pre-sorted loads to DS to carry to the basement with instructions for washer settings for each load- in anticipation of being able to soon wear more cheerful colors and fabrics. Tomorrow I get to go to school in sweats! It is the annual faculty retreat which is a dress-down day. Sweats may be a little more "dress-down" than normal but since I have PT after school I will be wearing something that I won't need to change.

I got virtually all of the taxes done today- just need to have DH call me with one more set of numbers, which he has in his car rather than having left here. DUH!

I am also working on cataloging more of my stamps and stamp sets today. Yesterday I did all my individual wood mounted stamps- today I am doing all my SU sets. There are only about 20 sets so they will be quick to finish. I also got all the rest of my unmounted red rubber stamps finally onto cushion mount and cut out. That means I *only* have to put the unmounted red rubber stamps and all my acrylix and other polymer stamps into the list and I will be done, lol!

I have not made any cards or done any scrapbooking while working on getting all this stuff organized, but I did do some coloring of some images, so something will be available for posting soon. I've also been playing with my Stampsmith stamps and am getting the images almost the way I want them. Look for Stampsmith cards here very soon!

I found some great storage boxes for the wood mounted stamps at They are clear plastic, stack really well, take up very little space, and hold the stamps while letting me see every one easily. LOVE them!!!

Since I don't have to teach, only listen, tomorrow, Iam going to try to stay up for the drive tonight at WildEarth. There was no drive this morning (US time) due to rain, and I fell asleep for Friday night's drive, so I did NOT get my weekend quota of animals. There might not be a drive tonight either- they have been having a LOT of trouble with their signals. The baboons who live near the camp have discovered that they like playing in the tower that holds all the cables- and that includes swinging on the cables until they break. WE is going to be building a baboon-proof fence around the tower, but that will take some time. The baboons are WAY cute, but if they keep all of us from seeing the other animals, they are NOT going to be on anyone's "favorite animals" list anymore.

I have not gotten any good snaps this weekend, but here is a beautiful lionesse I got last weekend that I have not shared yet.

Well, clothes are ready, schoolbag is packed, and it's time to relax.

Here's hoping for a good week.

OOHH- quick PS!
I moved the counter from the bottom to the sidebar- and I will re-offer the blog candy for the person who comments at or first after 2250. Seems like a good number.


Lee said...

Looks like there is a drive tonite, nothing spotted so far!! Have a good day at school tomorrow, hopefully, as it's a more relaxed day!!!

Beth said...

I thought of you this morning as I watched the news report of Immelman's win. I had hoped that, in the midst of taxes, you had a chance to watch.

You've gotten some major work done on your stamps - wow! I need to organize, bady, but with the space I work with it's like organizing my square pegs into a round hole, lol!

In answer to your question on my blog, I owe you a huge "THANK YOU" for bringing that to my attention, I had no clue I didn't have any direct contact info. Duh! I set up an email link in my profile now - I'm still shaking my head at myself.

Hope it's a good day at school today!! :-)

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cookingmama said...

Hey. Hope you are feeling good and school is going well for you. I need to check out the africa cam thing. Where do I find it?
Have a good's almost here.

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog!! I hit on 2350. lol

Anonymous said...

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