Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday- and lots of news

It's Saturday early evening. The sun is still shining- I love spring and the ever-longer days. The weather is cold again, but spring weather is close, I am sure!

I went back to school and it was tough. I am 3 weeks behind in school work- all those assignments I left for them, plus term papers and midterm exams, all happened while I was out. I have a stack of work that is HUGE!!! Getting through it, slowly.

The days when I have to go to Physical Therapy after school are really KILLER. I get home late, sore and exhausted. But I want to walk normally and be strong again, so I'm going to do what has to be done to get there.

I went to a stamping party today. It was hosted by my blogging/stamping/Flybaby friend. Had a great time. Tried out a new technique that uses a template to cut out cardstock and patterned paper and you end up with 9-12 cards from one set of cuts. I got four made after I did all the cutting and now have the parts to quickly assemble the rest. You can see here two examples. They are for a card exchange where the theme is "Tag, you're it" but my word stamps only did "your". Oh, well.

I met a bunch of her stamping/scrapping friends at the party and they are, of course, all really nice. It was a typical crafting party, lots of sharing and comparing , lots of laughs, and WAY too much food. All in all, it was an excellent day!

My DH is off traveling and is having a wonderful time. I am so happy for him that he can do this- he has wanted to for so long. He was really hesitant about going, to the point where I told the doctor this week "please tell him I'm ok enough for him to go" and the doctor did. So, I guess I am getting better!

I missed our friends' son's CD launch last night. It was held nearby, but the restaurant is not large and the parking lot is way too small and it was raining and it just seemed a bad idea to go into a big crowd on a Friday night when I would have to crutch in the rain who knows how far and then get jostled all night on the crutches. DS went, said I made the right decision and brought me home a CD. It is really good. The young man writes all his own stuff and it is fun and interesting. If you'd like to find out more, go to

Things have been good on the African safari drives but I will not be watching them much now for a while- dawn in South Africa is midnight here now, and I just cannot stay up that late! But there are always weekends. Here's a baby giraffe that we saw last night.
So, all in all, things are good! Next weekend there is a BIG stamping show in nearby New Jersey and I am really looking forward to that. Before that I have to finish my grades and get working on a bunch of stuff around here, but there will still be time for crafting.
Back to work on all that school stuff- there's only a few hours until the next african drive.


Lee said...

It's so good to hear the pep in your posts!! I know you're still in lots of pain and have a ways to go with healing.....but you sound great and I'm so glad you're getting to enjoy some stamping!! The TAG cards are soooo cute!!!! I love how you did the fun!! And I did get on the safari drive and got to see that baby Raffie!!! But I missed the Leopards the other night!! I'll be on that drive again tonite!!

Suzanne said...

The cards are wonderful and so glad to hear that you had a wonderful time stamping with friends. Thanks you also for sharing your animal pictures from the drives. I try to remember to go on the drives, but never seem to make it. By coming here I get to see some of the wonderful animals.

PS I got the wooden stamps from a Indian woman whose family business is making batik fabrics. That what the stamps are actually made from. I was very sad that she doesn't sell them on line only at shows so I now have to wait till she is at another show I will be going to.

Beth said...

Those cards are simply sweet! Sounds like the gathering was a bunches of fun. Thanks for the picture of that sweet "little" giraffe. I need to get back to checking on Africam - I've never seen one of the drives. Though it sounds like I will be waiting a while to see one since I am NOT a midnight kind of person, lol!