Sunday, February 3, 2008

Taking Time Out from the Super Bowl

This is a tough Super Bowl for me to care about. On the one hand, as a Philadelphia Eagles fan, the idea of rooting for the New York Giants is anathema. However, as the information about the Patriots indicates that they probably won the Super Bowl against the Eagles a few years ago by cheating, rooting for them is even MORE intolerable. So, I am watching in fits and starts and secretly kind of hoping that the Giants win.

As usual, its Sunday night and I am getting ready for a new school week. Clothes are laid out but not ironed yet, and my previous schoolbag contents have been relocated to the hated backpack. Handbags and schoolbags do not work with crutches and wheelchairs.

I saw a few WildEarth drives recently and have been trying to get better with the snaps.
This is a picture of sunrise at Djuma.
I've been taking lots of snaps but so far I have none that I am thrilled with.
More practice is definitely necessary.

No stamping or crafting have been available lately- the setup and moving around to do them are too much for the ^&*% leg. So, no new things to show off. DARN!

OK- this post is getting to sound pretty miserable. I'm off to check out the game again, get those clothes ready, set up the DVR to record "House", and get ready for tonight's drive.


inara said...

lovely pic!

Lee said...

I think that's a beautiful snapshot!! I have GOT to teach myself how to use that tool!! I hope you feel good enough soon to do some crafting!!

Lori said...

Sorry to read about your leg woes. Hopefully the doctors will figure it out and you'll be on the mend. I will refrain from commenting on the insurnace companies...that type of stupidity defies description.

Great picture! I will pass the web cam addresses along to some of my seventh grade students tomorrow. They are working on reports about African countries for one of their teachers and will love taking a look.

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Love this picture...Now this really makes me miss the Sunshine. Thanks for sharing!!!