Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just a quick check-in

Just a quick note!

School is crazy busy- exams today and tomorrow, still have some term papers to read, and with exams til the last period tomorrow, I have to have my grades ready to turn in by Monday! Hope I can find some time for fun this weekend.

I cannot believe that this blog is approaching 1000 hits!!! That is so neat. So, in honor of the big event , there will be blog candy when the counter passes 1000. First person to post with their number (1000+) from the counter wins! Have not decided on the candy yet- will have to check my stash.

Time for hot chocolate, and maybe, if I am lucky enough to get on, a few minutes on the Africam drive.

More later when things slow down.


Lee said...

Blog Candy is fun........I need to do that soon too!!! :) I always forget about the Africam Drive until it's already started.......waaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! Oh well.......maybe I should set my phone alarm!! I hope the rest of the week flies and you get to have some fun this weekend!!!

cookingmama said...

I do not know what an Africam drive is. Good luck with exams and papers to read. My hubby is a teacher so I know how it is. Have a great evening!

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

I'm 944 . . . but that's okay . . . I really just came to read! :)

Lori J said...

Counter says 976 now, so it is really close. :0)