Friday, January 18, 2008

Crafty Weekend!!!

Just a quick post. It is WAY past my bedtime, but there was SOOOO much to do tonight- and I got it all done!

My report for school is complete and I am satisfied with it. We'll see how it goes. Explanations later.

My exams are all written, printed and ready to go to the copy room. That took hours tonight, but it is DONE- which makes me feel much free-er this weekend.

My crafty stuff is packed- DH just shakes his head over the amount of stuff I *MUST* have. My suitcase- the smallest bag for the trip, lol- is packed and ready to go. I think I have everything.

So, tomorrow as soon as school is over, I am off to Lancaster with a group of crafting friends for a girls' weekend!!!!! There will be scrapbooking, cardmaking, stamping, maybe even a little quilting- I put a Hawaiian quilt top I've been working on forever in just in case I need a change of pace. We'll eat a lot, do some shopping, have a few margaritas, and laugh the whole weekend. I will come home completely exhausted and feeling better than I have since Florida!

Maybe, finally, even with something to show off! I should be able to finish, say, at least ONE card this weekend, right?

Oh, and I am making a small scrapbook for DH for Valentine's Day. Shush- don't tell! ;)

One more thing- I got a wonderful surprise from Suzanne but I cannot respond to it properly this late at night- so that's for next time!


Suzanne said...

Have an absolutely WONDERFUL time this weekend....Lancaster is one of my favorite places. I hope to be there the end of March or early April I forget which for a quilt show. I look forward to seeing all the great things you create this weekend.

Lee said...

How sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Enjoy your very well-deserved crafting holiday!! I sure hope you have some fun items to share on your blog.......and lots of info about the new toy!!! :)