Sunday, December 16, 2007

And yet another Sunday evening post

Time to start focusing on the week ahead. I have a whole pile of stuff in the sunporch that needs to go into my car for tomorrow. I need to get clothes ready for school, and make sure my bag is complete.

It's been a crazy, scattered weekend. Yesterday was spent going to my brother's house at the shore to close it up for the heart of winter. We needed to bring a few things home, but the big job was shutting everything down, draining all the pipes and filling all the water sites in the house with antifreeze. Driving down, doing everything and driving back in the same day is hard work.

Today I had such plans for Christmas. I got a lot done today, but most of it was not on my list this morning, and none of it had much to do with Christmas. Meanwhile, Christmas is inexorably moving closer all the time.

I have lived my whole life with my body clock registering school years rather than calendar years. My Dad was a professor and I married a teacher, long before I was a teacher. So, for us, the "New Year" starts every September and Christmas to New Years is the long winter break. Nevertheless, I still have the habit of reflecting at this time of year- from Thanksgiving through Christmas about my many gifts and blessings, and as New Year's approaches about what I want/need to do to be a better person and live a better life. This year I guess I am starting early with the New Year's thinking.

"The expression "elephant in the room" refers to a situation where something major is going on, it's on everyone's mind and impossible to ignore -- like an elephant in the room. But nobody talks about the "elephant" because nobody knows what to do about it."(

That's how I feel about my work right now.

OK- this is getting depressing. I am still only part way through making my Christmas cards, so that better get done so I can actually MAIL them. When I start with a new one, I'll post a picture.

8 days til Christmas!


Lee said...

Can't wait to see your next card! I'm sorry you had such a hard-working weekend.....sometimes we just need to veg!! Hope you have a good week and then really get to enjoy some wonderfully relaxing time off!!!

Christi said...

All I've been doing today is Christmas stuff so I can totally relate! LOL Can't wait to see your cards!!

Susan said...

Nice to 'meet' you, LadyDoc! I see we both know Suzanne from Stampin' and Kwiltin', we're both Flybabies, we both frequent SCS, we're both teachers, and we're both of a similar vintage!! How about that! (I read some of your blog, obviously). Thanks so much for your comment about my magnetic display board. I do love it. One of my friends also got one and is displaying cute pictures of her niece's baby face and toes, a poem about babies being wonderful 'from head to toe', and she has little socks on the washing line. So cute! I agree the picture CM put up wasn't very inspiring, but how much nicer the boards are IRL.

Have a wonderful Christmas.