Friday, November 23, 2007

Framing art is hard work

And I am not done yet!

Getting to the shopping center was easy- there was very little traffic. When we got there, it was because every car in Philadelphia was in THAT shopping center. Hyperbole? Yes, but just a little- it was crazy crowded!

The good news is that there are 5 big stores in the center- Lowe's, Circuit City, Office Max, Walmart, and Michael's. Guess which one was practically empty? YES!!! The Michael's was so quiet, it was great!

We took 3 serious pieces- lithographs- and 9 prints for framing. The three pieces DH said we should just take directly to their custom framing department. I asked him "are you sure?" and he was quite adament. An hour later when he saw the bill- three largish pieces, with mahagony frames and triple matting- he gulped a little and then said "oh, go for it".

Another hour+ was spent with me choosing just the right frames and mats for the 9 prints. It was a lot of work, but I am pleased with the results. I have done 5 of the framings and wanted to post to show off a few of the lovely prints and how they look framed. I DO wish I was a better photographer and that I had the right kind of lighting somewhere in this house, but this is how they came out, so enjoy!

The pictures are from three different artists. The watercolor face is by Shan Merry, the jazz group is by Charles Lee and the woman is by Emile Bellet. We liked Bellet's stuff very much and a canvas lithograph is one of the three "serious" pieces that are now being framed.
Now these are not "real" art, as in originals. Those would certainly be far beyond the means of a couple of teachers. But they are beautiful and we like them.
Now,I need a nap and then I can get back to work.


Lee said...

Those are absolutely beautiful!! The frames are wonderful!

Suzanne said...

Lovely prints and you did a wonderful job with the framing!

Etha said...

You did all the framing yourself?!?? next time I send my stuff to you! I pay mega bucks for this stuff and have to wait like two weeks to get it back :(
My favorite of the pics are the jazz ladies, too neat. But I really like them all. tfs